Monday, November 21, 2016

Church Announces Plans to Film Book of Mormon Videos; Calls for Actors

The Church has announced it will soon begin production of a video library of scenes from the Book of Mormon, similar to the New Testament project The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos ( that was just completed (see related story).

“These Book of Mormon videos will have the same purpose as the Book of Mormon itself—to bring people closer to Jesus Christ,” says Elder Larry R. Lawrence, a General Authority Seventy. “We hope the video library will build bridges of understanding and increase interest in God’s word, which in turn can change hearts and inspire people to live better lives.”
Church members will be able to use the library of Book of Mormon videos for personal study, family and Church classroom gospel teaching, seminary, and missionary efforts. The video footage will also be available to Latter-day Saints and those of other faiths interested in using video and image assets for various noncommercial projects.
Filming will begin in June 2017 at the LDS Motion Picture Studio’s South Campus near Goshen, Utah (located about one hour south of Salt Lake City). Filming may also happen at various North American locations. The first videos from this multi-year project are scheduled to be released in 2018.
The video series will be filmed in English and translated in additional languages.
Actors needed
A casting call was recently sent to ward and stake leaders looking for potential cast members. Seasoned actors, amateurs, and those with little or no experience are invited to learn more and apply at

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